A downloadable Horror for Windows

"ECHO" - Is a First Person Horror game inspired by the P.T. formula and surprise aspect.

Developed by 1 person in 10 days for the "Scream Machine" Jam, not the most polished but hope you enjoy :)

Where Am I? What kind of nightmare is this.....

He will not be happy if you are found in his  home, discovering what he has created and what those creations have done to his guests.....but finding the end of this never ending nightmare will not come so easily....


WASD - Move

LeftShift - Sprint

F - Lighter

E - Interact 

P - Pause Game

Hope my solo product of the 10 day Jam is interesting, please enjoy. Extract the "Rar" file to begin playing! :)
Estimated time : 10 - 15 minutes


ECHO.rar 391 MB

Development log


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I was just about to enter the computer code to continue with the game in the second mini-game when it crashed on me. I still had a lot of fun playing it though.

Seems like the music is straight taken out from the Silent Hill games. Not good at all. 
You might want to fix that, for your own sake so you won't get slammed by copyright strikes and maybe worse

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THE SOUNDS IN THIS GAME MADE ME CRY! Good game, got copyrighted for music though? 

Thankyou. I shall not sleep for a good few days :) but really. Slick game. The simplicity of the art help built the tension 

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I've never played P.T. so I can't comment on similarity but I did like how you did this game format. It was full of suspense. I wondered what I needed to do at first but the linear gameplay helped build the story. You did a great job with the modelling, especially with the monsters. I did notice that when going back up ramps my character seemed to get caught on them a few times.
Forever thankful the mini game was skippable as I was beginning to suffer getting caught in the numerous hallways, haha. Regardless, nice job!

omg i cant make it past the first part its sooo scary

Run, Scary game, keep running away from that being, love the mini game in between.

This game was so scary! I want to play further into it in a future video

I can garuantee that my journey was different to everyone else's. Prove me wrong. 

It was really fun, though the monster does look familiar.

this was a great game! The fact that it was only made in 10 days in shocking. Great Job!

An interesting game with good atmospherics and a good story , there is always something disturbing about flesh and machinery combining. 

 The game did not feel scary to me but that could be from playing too many horrors and felt a little short, this is by all means just minor criticism, developing this in just 10 days is amazing and it is well put together with a nice asthetically pleasing environment.

As mentioned in other comments some music is owned by some company which is blocking all videos from featuring your game which is a great shame.

 The overall experience was great and is worth a play, it will be interesting to see what other content comes out in the future.

Hey! Really enjoyed playing your game. My stream and I have been looking for the easter egg code for a few hours and have found nothing. Are we just a bunch of silly monkeys and can't find it? Or is it an inside easter egg with you and your friends. Because for some reason, we are committed do finding it :D

Im a view of his stream and i can confirm weve been trying for a few hours.

we have literally researched everything about doctor pepper...

It was an easter egg for a youtuber I watch lol. I sent him the code and it loads up a special room with a message to him. If that makes sense. Glad you enjoyed the game!! Made in 10 days for a competition so it isnt the best, by demos for my 2 good games come out in june :)

For a 10 day development it was very fun to play, and I can't wait to try out your demos next month. Hopefully you add some cool easter eggs in the future, because we dove DEEP trying to find that code. We researched Dr Pepper's history, broke down the game code, and even played through the game in slowmo looking for anything that could possibly lead to a hidden code. It was a frustratingly great time. 

Echo is a masterpiece, in my opinion as short of time it was made it simply was a very good experience. Well done and hope to see more in the future!

Had some good scares!

Awesome game to be made by one person in under 2 weeks

The fact you were able to make this in 10 days is honestly kinda astounding. I loved the artistic direction and design of the monster. My only small issue was the the fact I didn't feel too threatened by the monster since all it did was just stare at me when it got me but it still scared me the first time I saw him. Great job man, hopefully you are able to check out my vid, if not, thank you anyway for providing a nice throwback to a classic style of horror game.

I enjoyed playing this game, it has a great potential! I can't wait to see more games from you! Keep it up! :D

I love PT and this truly does remind me of it with a spin. Then it suddenly chucks you into a completely different direction. Super enjoyable and will play again!

Howdy! i enjoyed playing your game and found it very scary although there are some bugs and issues that could be worked on overall this is a pretty good game for being made with in 10 days and just by 1 person! i can't wait to see what else you create in the future! i also made a video of my reaction of playing your game so i hope you enjoy and have a great day!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid (the game is the 1st there):


1. Very interesting style. I like that it's black and white until you have to play a mini game. Gives some feeling of a mystery to the game. Also, mini games are fun, I like that you have added them and that you also added an option of skipping them in case the player has problems with finishing them.

2. The monster looks terrifying. I like the lore, that it's not just a simple P.T. with your inner demons, but something more complex.

3. The visuals are nice. I mean, it is interesting looking around and everything looks beautiful, though I'd wish more details.


1. Down in the basement sometimes when you pick 1 object it counts as 2. That's a bit strange.

2. I would like that the monster would seem more dangerous. He's scary until he hits you and instead of a jumpscare or a noise of death you see your screen slowly fading away allowing you to run around for a good bit.

3. In the last area I couldn't activate the code panel the 2d time and had to die to make it pop up again.


The game is clearly a bit unpolished. It could use some work, but the concept and the idea are nice. It is obviously P.T. inspired but still the developer implemented original concepts and ideas making the game stand out from the other P.T. inspired experiences.

Hope my feedback was useful!

SKIP TO 3:10!!!

I enjoyed your game, just couldn't for the life of me get out of the basement.

Even though the game crashed on me a few times, i did have fun with it!!! Had some scary moments!!! I hope you enjoy me gameplay of it

That dang beast doesn't take any crap hahaha ya can't go wrong with the 'P.T. style' for a concept, especially when you're throwing down a limited-time jam game! I love what ya did with it, including your own spin on things. Congrats on reaching a broader audience with the SepticMan's LP!

Great work!

This game was pretty good, can’t wait to see more from you and thanks :)

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Welcome to ECHO! Third and last game in this video.

Had some issues with some gameplay elements of gathering items (mainly the monster AI just attacking you straight away and I had to just wait for him to leave eventually) but overall enjoyed the storytelling and some of the sound effects really got me. That realistic knocking sound always gets me every time I hear it :'D

Looking forward to playing more of your games if you continue to make more. Which I hope you do :)


G'day mate, after finishing your game and reading the end screen I decided to give my thoughts fully laid out in a comment. I would of done it anyway since ripping into stuff is what I do, but I also want to give you good and valuable feedback so,

Art Style: While I appreciate the attempt that was made, the lighting glitches that caused contrast between the lighter, lighting up the environment, and enveloping it in pitch black made it difficult to feel any immersion. Also the random blue loop doesn't fit into the standard white and black formula set up throughout the game.

Gameplay: PT PT PT PT, I may have a small personal vendetta against PT clones, while this one was rather tame in comparison it still committed a few sins, such as having events trigger without loud screeching noises to signify a random door can now be accessed, most rooms stayed locked until they were necessary to continue the game, leaving very little loop exploration possible at all. Not to mention the random jumpscares mostly tied to text popping up on the screen. When the font is literally more terrifying than the monster it is very hard to become actually invested in the game.

Story: Allegedly there is one, but it's one-note long and didn't tell the player anything besides that they're the bad guy, what a twist.

Improvements: Try to include the interesting black and white style in more situations, maybe the monster should be the only color in the game and mostly signified by his red eyes and sinewy carcass. Remove the pac-man minigame entirely and cut down the experience to just be PT with a bit more of a focus on action and events backed up by a strong art style.

All in all, for a game jam game. It didn't crash or cause my anti-virus to have a stroke so you did pretty good. A solid average rating mate. Full playthrough and cynicism below.

I downloaded the 32bit version of this game as u tell me but when i open the game this error comes help me i want to play this game

It must be something with your pc, Idk. No one else is having this problem. DO you have a graphics card or integrated graphics? 

I did a 3 Scary Games Gameplay on Youtube which included this game. The game was pretty good and I was scared multiple times!!

how come i can't play it?


dope game for being made in such a short time after playing anxiety I was excited to see what you would create next and this was fun and I enjoyed it a lot!!

The atmosphere in this game was insane, I look forward to seeing what the end product looks like, great job! had me really scared at some parts!

I played this game in my series 'Quick Scares' on Youtube, check it out!

I truly think this is one of the spookiest games I have played in a while. It really made me jump out of my chair. I happened to make a video on it because it really is a cool game. I hope you make more games like this. Good luck.

P.S I wasn’t able to finish it because of a bug where my screen went black and stayed that way.

I enjoyed this game, i hope there is more 

just saw jacksepticeyes video what i do when he does a 3 horror games is play the games before he starts them then react to him playing them im just waiting for this to install

I don't know why but i like this game!

awesome game can’t wait to see more from you please check out my play through :) 

glad to hear you enjoyed! Loved your playthrough. Currently been working on my biggest project since December and January, an Amnesia style horror game adventure! The demo will be released this month :) 

that’s great news! The game was really good! So atmospheric really enjoyed it. I will 100% play your new game ☺️

Very interesting game. I can see that it is inspired by P.T. and layers of fear. I love it. There are few things that bother me, but overall is good. I hope to see more games from you in the future :)

btw here is my video:

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